My name is Somen Debnath...


I am a resident of the village of Basanti, which is located in Sundarbans, West Bengal. It is well-known that Sundarbans is a great mangrove forest and the largest tiger reserve in India. I would like to present to you my “Around the World Bicycle Tour for HIV/AIDS Awareness Programme & Presentation of Indian Culture”, which started on 27th of May 2004, just two days after I acquired bachelor’s degree in Zoology from the University of Calcutta. I have also completed ‘Visarad’ in Fine Arts from the Sarbabhartiya University. My goal is to cover 191 countries until 2023 I will travel 200.000km in whole world and reaching nearly 20 million people.

I am in in Samoa, Polynesian country. travelling 187,500 Kilometers from India.
Somen Debnath
World Biking Odyssey, India in Samoa
Phone Number: +917031537391 (India), +12108949896 (USA)