Till Luxembourg I travelled 59 countries and I peddaled 82.000km. Till 2020 I will travel 200.000 km in whole world. 118.000km I will do for charity, so I am going to sell the kilometres I ride.
I will give certificates to the people who will buy my kilometres as an honour. They will also be a part of my global family while I’ll be travelling until 2020.

Support for my travel and to build a global village, my global family members could go through this paypal account, which 60% of their support will build our global village and 40% support will continue my mission till 2020, 191countries.
To my followers and supporters I will send a certificate confirming that they bought km in my global journey and I also will publish their name and photograph and a short description in my blog and website.
If any of friends wants to get these km they can get it by dollar / euro / pound as they feel convenient.
Somen Debnath

People are my God

Thank you very much for your indivisual support and cooperations, with kind regards.

Love peace and happiness.