This way I wrote to couch surfing group in Bari, Italy to Michele that, “Dear friend Michele, I am coming to Bari. If someone could host me for few days I would be glad”.┬áHe immediately answered me. He just came from Balkan trip on bicycle so he was excited to see me and he will love to host me in his parents apartment.
I come to Bari was almost a week hosted by Michele. He is a very friendly person, we had a nice time and suggested me that he will make a website for me and keep update all the information. That’s the way out friendship was started.
One by one year last almost 9 years passed!!
On the way my journey I had a chance to see him 2nd time when I was in Barcelona and wonderful time at his flat with Laura & Michele.
He also visited with Laura our “People House” in Kolkata. Happy to saw pics with my Mom and Brother. Really Michele my friends made my life blessed. His humble personality and great heart always I wanted to see him again and again!
I am gladly announcing, today my birth day 08/05/2016 we are opening our new website is in new way! Dear global family I hope you will like it.

I am glad to share you my friend Michele coming to visit me 09/06/2016 in Brazil! I am so happy to see him in this life 3rd time!
We will share our thoughts and explore with Amazon river, Selva Forest & beautiful people Amazonian !
Dear friend Michele ! Thanks a lot to God & you for our friendship !

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