Somen on boatDear brothers and sisters!

My 16 years travel will reach nearly to 20 million people who are my Global family members. That means, now i am traveling the world and try to reach to people, while i wish that after my journey people will reach to us and come to India. So i decided to make a global village in India where my family, friends, brothers and sisters from all over the world can stay for a certain time, where they will be able to contribute and exchange their  creative thoughts and creative ideas in a positive way.

This village with a farm will be an Ideal community  where people can do good work together, share food, shelter and creative ideas, practice Yoga and satsang (instrumental music) and live happily.

Invitation to participate and build the village:

I would like to invite You to come and join us, give your opinion and thoughts to create better way to live, to share happiness and help each other. I would be grateful to You for Your wise  thoughts and touch for this village.

Contact and Thanking letter:

I am writing in this website:


Livejournal (Russian):


Where i am sharing my opinion and thoughts. I would like to keep your address and contact in my website and blog to give a feedback and make a connection between Global family members. In this way we can also inspire thousands of other people to contribute new creative ideas; in the same time your work will support our village. That will be a great help for our  global village  and this world.

After your response i will send to You a thanking letter and later on a monthly newsletter with your thoughts and ideas, so people will create their own village in the way of ‘‘simple living and high thinking’’

If my word will touch you just come forward and contribute for a new peaceful village. Your step will touch peoples heart, mind and soul and make them think new. Yes you are my God and my Love.

With love, peace and happiness.
Yours Somen


Contacts of all Global family members & Positive creative ideas

Michele Sforza
Michele Sforza

Web Designer

Lina Berova
Lina Berova

Translation of the website articles for Russian blog (, photography, technical and physiological support for website

Diego Montano Garcia

Now my current job as a director of the productions and management Biological vegetable.(Responsible of Department of Biological Agriculture)

Kulbir Singh

House work, cooking and house design

Paramjit Singh

Shop and accountant

Jaspal Singh

cooking and agriculture

Jazzy Ghotra

Construction and electricity

Tounarti Hassan

Global Village Design

Mrs. and Mr. Said Dermeche
Hosni Ben Khimssa

Construction and farm