There are moments in life that pass by so quickly, and you forget to pause and breathe. As I look back over the shoulder, I smile and reminisce about the wonderful people and places that I have crossed paths with. Each has left an indelible mark on my heart and being. I cherish the moments and realize how much love the world has to share. I take this with me everywhere through my travels, to use during the lonely times and smile as I look up into the star-filled sky. The world is indeed a beautiful place. Deepest Gratitude and Love!

The Austrian National Day : Friday, October 26, 2018:
My dear Austrian friends and family ,
I would like to congratulate you today in the occasion of The Austrian National Day. It was wonderful time and memories my visit your beautiful country Austria.
I am remembaring my friends, Gaby, Barbara, Lucas, David, Simon, Sarah, Julia and Indo-Austrian families motherly support & care ! Thank you so much that all love you gave me & your beautiful country. Now the time to remember & appriciate you each and everyone today. Please axcept my love & gratitude.
Yours truely,
Somen Debnath