…The science of yoga was born in an age when mankind as a whole was more enlightened, and could easily grasp truths for which our most advanced thinkers are still grasping.”

The science of yoga meditation had been taught by the ancient, sages, gurus, yogis, through oral tradition for thousands of years, they were finally put to Sanskrit by Patanjali in 500 b.c.

“…It is because the groping for these truths has begun again that great yogis have reintroduced this ancient science to humanity at large.”

Pre-eminent among them, even today, are the sages of the Himalayas.

Today, the word yoga is much used and much misunderstood these days,
reduced from its knowledge on the control of the conscious to that of the control of the body.

Kerala, South India, guardians of the origins of modern martial-arts,
influenced by Yoga and connected to the ancient Indian sciences of war (dhanur-veda) and medicine (ayur-veda).
The origin of kung-fu begins with the legend of a monk named Bodhidharma (also known as Ta Mo) who travelled from India to China around 500 A.D.

Yoga and My Life and Childhood

I started practicing yoga when I was 12 years old. I was in school, in 6th class, we had a subject about physical education – a compulsory subject for all the pupils. So, yoga came in my life first by doing asanas (physical exercice). Day by day, I was learning different asanas and postures. It was making me relaxing, so I started doing it at home too. Every day, an hour, which made me feel more relaxed and comfortable. So I went to more and more, deep to deeper, then I started to learn what are the rules of asanas and about the food rules in accordance with asanas and yoga. One day, I met one monk, who was very close to my home. It was him who first taught me some posture of pranayama (breathing exercice). It was an amazing experience – I felt happy and continued my breathing exercice every day. The practice of breathing taught me lots of different experiences. Then I learned what is the easiest way to understand yoga. My belief made me feel the easiest way to understand and feel the breathing exercice. That easy way made me within very few minutes feel body to mind, mind to soul, soul to intellect and intellect to beyond. An amazing play of colour surrounding my whole feelings and make me calm and quiet and ultimately somewhere I was lost…I don’t know. I was lucky that during my trip, I met lot of yoga teachers who taught me different ways, sometimes I couldn’t understand, but I accept them because I felt inside of me yoga is the simpliest system of the sequence body to mind, to soul, to intellect, to beyond… Some of good documentaries also show this spiritual reality called “the flow of colours”, that is the ultimate knowledge of life.